IURIS HUMANI, Human Rights Consulting, works within the framework of human rights.
We aim to boost human rights by making sure that they are complied with, and developed, at all levels of society.

We focus on human rights in relation to persons with disabilities.

Iuris Humani works with those ”International Agreements” concerning human rights that affect Sweden, including UN conventions, and regulations issued by The Council of Europe and The European Union. We also work with Swedish legislation that concerns persons with disabilties.


  • Investigations, analysis and surveys with regard to human rights.
  • Development of organisations and methods in order to create awareness of human rights and bring them up to date.
  • Study courses and seminars about UN conventions on human rights and the regulations associated with them, and how the various UN committees work with human rights.
  • Study courses and seminars about the regulations issued by The Council of Europe and The European Union, and their work with human rights.

IURIS HUMANI is keen to focus attention on human rights with regard to current legislative development.
We also offer study courses about Swedish laws, regulations, guidelines and other rules that affect persons with disabilities, among these legislation concerning discrimination and accessibility.

For further information, contact Annika Åkerberg at:
or telephone +46(0) 8-410 43 430